Canada Red Chokecherry


Trunk Diameter: 2.00″

Botanical Name: Prunus virginiana ‘Canada Red’

Max Elevation: 9,500 feet

Mature Height: 25.00′

Mature Spread 20.00′

Water Requirements: Medium

Sun Requirements: Full Sun/Partial Sun

The Canada Red Chokecherry is a hardy, drought tolerant tree that can withstand cold temperatures and high wind. Their new leaves come in green but turn a beautiful reddish purple. In Spring, it has white flowers, while in fall the leaves will turn yellow and shades of red. It loses its’ leaves in late fall into winter as it is deciduous.

It also produces red chokecherries that can be eaten or turned into jam. It is important to note that chokecherries should not be eaten before they are ripe which happens in mid-summer. Once ripe, the chokecherries turn a dark red or purple. The seeds should not be consumed as they are poisonous.


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