Mulberry Tree (Persian White)


Size: 5 gallon

Botanical Name: Morus albą ‘Persian White’

Variety: Persian White Semi-Dwarf

Height: 12.00′

Spread: 12.00′

Water Requirements: Medium

Sun Requirements: Full Sun

Produces Fruit in Spring

Origin Date: China, 2600 B.C.

This self pollinating fruit tree produces white mulberries that resemble blackberries in shape and texture. The fruit can be pink, purple, or white. They produce small green catkins and the leaves turn yellow in fall. It will grow 12-18 inches after its’ first year in the ground and will produce fruit in 3 years! Although self pollinating, they will produce more mulberries if planted near another mulberry tree (within 100 feet). The leaves in Persian White Mulberry trees were used 4000 years ago in China to feed silkworms and are still used to this day for the silk industry

Photo Credit: Lazaregagnidze


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