Plum Tree (Hollywood)


Size: 5 gallon

Botanical Name: Prunus salicina ‘Hollywood’

Variety: Hollywood Semi-Dwarf

Height: 12.00′

Spread: 12.00′

Water Requirements: Medium

Sun Requirements: Full Sun

Produces Fruit in Summer

Origin Date: Modesto, CA 1936

This partially self pollinating fruit tree produces juicy, sweet, mildly tart plums great for making into jam, baking and eating. They will produce more plums if planted next to another plum tree. They produce pink and white flowers in spring while the leaves turn yellow in fall. It will grow 12-18 inches every year after its’ first year in the ground and will produce fruit in 3 years! Although the plum itself is safe to eat, it is important to note that parts of the tree such as the leaves, bark, seeds, and pits can be toxic to dogs, cats, horses, and humans.

Photo Credit John Wisniewski

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